Woman Spirit a Magazine Published between 1974 and 1984

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WomanSpirit, a magazine of feminist spirituality, chronicled the exciting exploration of women's changing lives through 1974-1984.

WomanSpirit showcased art and writing from women all over the world, from the academy to alternative cultures. Produced in forested Southern Oregon by an open collective of volunteers, and inspired and sustained by editors Jean and Ruth Mountaingrove, it was published quarterly as the seasons turned.

WomanSpirit explored creating women's culture, ecology, ritual, healing, psychic abilities, feminist politics, women's life stages, wicca, divination, death and dying, goddess myths and traditions, and many other topics. Gorgeous artwork, photographs, songs, stories, articles, discussions, poems, letters, and book reviews sparked and connected the international web of contributors and subscribers.

More than twenty years later WomanSpirit continues to inspire, empower, and challenge original readers and draw new ones.


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Cover Image from Women Spirit Magazine